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Komiza town
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Yachting... Authentic Cuisine... Secret Gardens… 

"The remote Croatian island of VIS is... as beautiful as Capri before the tourists. Despite its picture postcard Mediterranean beauty, its olive groves and vines, its ancient ruins and deserted beaches, it has virtually no tourists. It seems the only foreigners who have discovered it are those who arrive on the glamorous Italian and Austrian yachts that moor here in the evening." 
Conde Nast Traveler
Over 5000 years of history and hidden from the world for centuries, time has slowed on Vis.  
The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British have all left their impression on Vis. Today the rich colors of the pristine waters, the virgin landscape and the traditional villages still speak of centuries gone by. Perhaps best known as a boating destination, a whole new world unfolds when exploring Vis by sea. Breathtaking cliffs, private beaches and spectacular cave diving await the wanderer. 
The discerning guest will find the finest Dalmatian cuisine, domestic olive oils and island spirits in the sequestered restaurants and Konobas of Vis. Famous throughout Croatia for their authenticity and hospitality, each has its own character and specialty. 
Visit Kut, Vis town, Komiza, Rukavac and a host of small villages with traditions dating back to medieval times.  Explore Green Cave, Blue Cave on nearby Bisevo island, rugged Stiniva Beach, Srebrna Bay (Silver Bay) and the sandy beaches of Milna, Zaglav, Stoncica... 
Vis is also famous for its wines. For white wine drinkers, try Vugava, an unusual, full bodied wine great on its own in the evening or with your local lobster feast. Try Visko Crno red wine to compliment a meal of local lamb or octopus prepared in the ‘peka’ oven. The mountain scenery, many donkey trails and historical buildings around the island make Vis a favorite for hiking and biking. The Summer Festival on Vis – from July to the first weeks of September is something really special – local talent brings jazz and classical music, local theatre and traditional culture to the warm summer evenings. This local festival is emerging as an essential experience for visitors and locals alike.
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